It is easy to connect the dots with your customer when they feel valued. With’s tailored marketing solutions, we aim the strategy at encouraging customers to continue doing business with you through items that make them feel valued and appreciated: gifts!

By offering loyalty gifts to customers who are repeat purchasers, you can increase the likelihood that those customers will continue to do business with you in the future. A well-designed loyalty program can help strengthen the dots between the customer and the business. These same audience members tend to spend more when engaged with a loyalty program since they feel they are receiving value for their money through the gifts provided by the program. Redefining your marketing strategy with a loyalty program can make customers feel appreciated and valued leading to increased satisfaction with the overall customer experience.

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We can’t overlook another benefit of a loyalty program as a part of your marketing strategy; it can give you a competitive edge over your competitors by offering something unique and valuable to your audience! A poorly executed program can have a negative impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction – driving your audience right into the arms of your competition! We got you covered!’s gifting experts work with you to understand what motivates your customers and what types of incentives they would find valuable. Our strategy can include personalized messages to accompany your gift and deepen the connection with your audience.

Tailoring your marketing solution to include loyalty connects the dots of your brand to your audience. We offer a variety of Made-in-the-USA options ranging from vegan leather goods and high-end candles hand poured in Clarksville, MO to customized products such as apparel, pens, tumblers, or tech equipment. Our gifting experts assist in gifting options that meet your audience and your budget.

Our innovative software and efficient packing services assemble and send your gift on its way with accurate packing and streamlined delivery services. Through our SaaS marketing platform, DotTM, we tailor “pop-up stores” that allow your determined gift recipients to select their gift online, providing you with full visibility and data on the interaction. The site is available for a pre-determined timeframe to ensure that gifts are ordered when you would like to distribute. DotTM can set “pop-up stores” events, expos, and holidays! We are redefining how you communicate with you audience. Let’s connect the dots together!

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Dot™ is our revolutionary, built-from-the-ground-up SaaS omni-channel marketing platform. Designed with your dots in mind, Dot™ is the ultimate tool for keeping your business running smoothly.

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