"Your Online Reputation is a Marketing Engine that Never Turns Off."

Online reputations are the connecting force to drive engagement with your target audience. Online reviews have become an essential part of making purchasing decisions. With 90% of consumers reading online reviews for your company, good reviews and star ratings can improve visibility in searches, improve click-through rates, and improve conversion rates.

With Marketing.com, we control the conversation proactively to showcase what your brand does best, as opposed to resorting to a reactive approach when your reputation runs into a hurdle.

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In today’s highly competitive online world, businesses must be aware of what customers say about their services, products, and their business as a whole. It is crucial to take a proactive stance in managing reviews. Marketing.com helps you monitor your online reputation and take the appropriate action promptly. Marketing.com helps you address a bad review appropriately by actively seeking to resolve issues and appease customers with discount offers, gift cards, or merely by acknowledging their concerns. At Marketing.com, we understand it can be challenging to stay on top of these reviews. We have developed the tools that allow you to easily monitor your online reputation for one or many locations.

Our proprietary tools search popular portals to find reviews of your company and respond in real-time from a central location, whether the review is found on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Angi, Trip Advisor, etc. We set up automated alerts to notify you when you receive reviews. This allows your team to respond to reviews quickly and easily, whether they’re stellar or unfavorable.

As a viable alternative to client-side review management, Marketing.com responds to reviews on your behalf, as well as develops business rules for handling responses by location, or on a corporate level. Turning a bad experience into a positive outcome for your customers, Marketing.com helps turn a bad review into a positive one. Honest, transparent responses help generate trust in your brand, build customer loyalty, and help improve your star rating.

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