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With more consumers opting to cut the cord with their cable and satellite TV companies in favor of streaming services, helps you reach your streaming audiences through the convenience of OTT and CTV ad campaigns. Over-the-top (OTT) refers to any streaming service that delivers content over the Internet. Connected TV (CTV) refers to any TV that either has built-in streaming applications or is connected to a streaming box (i.e., Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, etc.). creates OTT and CTV campaigns that leverage consumer data to maximize the relevance of your ad campaigns. Our integrated partnerships with CTV data vendors collect rich audience data of historical digital consumer usage and behaviors, then tie this data back to user profiles on any digital device on an anonymous basis. OTT and CTV advertising should be an essential part of your programmatic TV advertising and helps drive users to convert with targeted display ads. Interestingly, OTT and CTV ads cost considerably less than linear TV ads with the ability to give you much higher returns than traditional TV ads. can retarget your customers with OTT and CTV ads that are seven times more likely to convert than traditional TV ads. We integrate OTT and CTV ads into your comprehensive marketing strategies to help you reach more customers and grow your brand!

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We work with you to pinpoint your targeting by serving ads to the identified relevant users as determined through our audience data intelligence used to create user profiles, with a high level of accuracy and precision. retargets your site visitors while they are watching TV with pertinent CTV and OTT ads. Studies show that 62% of online shoppers prefer to research products online rather than speak to a salesperson. In fact, they will visit an average of 5.5 websites before purchasing products. helps you find site visitors that have shown interest in your product offerings and bring them back to your website where they are seven times more likely to convert than through traditional TV ads. builds a cookie pool of users who viewed your CTV video ad to the midpoint or completion and retargets these users with a display ad. Extending the frequency of your ads in this way, drives your prospective clients through the funnel to conversion.

Our OTT/CTV campaigns also include Attribution-Tracking, which identifies, tracks, and reports on all households that you target with your video ads who then visit your website—providing an extra layer of data you can’t get from your TV ad buys. has partnered with Dataroma to provide deep reporting as part of your campaign management via a customized dashboard. Our reporting includes insights into:

  • Clicks
  • Impression delivery and CTR
  • By device
  • By creative
  • Day of week/time of day
  • Audience composition

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